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We take pride in our competitive edge, offering outstanding reception, exceptional service, regular follow-up, top-tier doctors, highly experienced nursing staff, and cutting-edge treatment programs for all age groups.
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For over 12 years, Promise center has been
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Some Reviews

Of Our Cients

I was abusing alcohol for 28 years, which ruined my life. I went to treatment centers in Libya. I was being treated with medications for alcohol withdrawal, and I did not succeed in complete recovery due to the lack of rehabilitation programs, only medications. My experience with Promise Center included different treatment methods for alcohol withdrawal. After this stage, sessions were held with a psychiatrist, which led to knowing the real reason for my tendency to drink alcohol. I moved to the semirehabilitation stage to treat all the psychological problems that I did not know about. Now the period of my suspension is 6 months, and I also feel better. In my psychological state. Finally, I thank the Promise Center for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment for the recovery and selfconfidence I have achieved, the specialists, and the treatment team. I also recommend this place to any drug user because of the excellent therapeutic, psychological, and recreational programs, in addition to the good treatment and attention.
Thank you, Promise Center
Professor/W. Sh.
from Libya.
The duration of drug use is 10 years, starting with hashish, prescription drugs, and finally heroin. I tried to abstain at home by all means, but I did not succeed in recovery and the condition has worsened to the point of isolation from the world and people. I also tried to replace drugs with alcohol, and I also could not recover from drugs and alcohol. My experience since joining the Promise Center for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment. I found a specialized team that removed toxins from my body with effective medications. I moved to a rehabilitation stage with a psychological counselor and a rehabilitation program (Half Way), which led to discovering the causes of my drug addiction and treating the disorder. Which led to the destruction of my life, and now I have been recovering for a year, and I feel the change and the ability to resist negative thoughts. I am also being followed up on a regular basis. A journal by the Promise Psychiatry family. Finally, thanks to the Promise Center and the work team for repairing what was damaged in my life.
Thank you, Promise Center
The recovered Mr. K.C.
from Egypt